CINCHNET backup solution

Cinch Networks has just released its CINCHNET backup solution. We setup backups to run as often or as little as your business requires. Cost for this service is calculated on how much data you are backing up daily. If you have a system failure, recovering you data is a easy as copying the data back to your new server. For larger applications with very large quantities of data, Cinch Networks will install a separate storage drive. Because very large file transfers can take a long time to complete we can recover the remote storage drive and install it at your office location while the data is being copied.

Local Backups

Performing regular backup is important so you do not loose valuable data. Cinch Networks will setup a scheduled back so you don’t have to remember. Backup will run automatically to what ever device you decide on for a backup. We will then schedule a consultant to do a routine check on the backs in your office to ensure they are all operating properly. In the event of a system failure we will have you back up and running in no time.